Tweak Msgr 1.0.4

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Helps system administrators tamper with a set of hidden settings of the MSN/Windows Messenger and disable certain options and features





Tweak Msgr is a handy application for those who are still using MSN/Windows Messenger, offering them the possibility to alter some advanced settings. It is particularly designed for network or system administrators who don't want Windows Messenger to be used as a communication means on computers they supervize.

Delivered inside a lightweight package, this utility can be used to disable the MSN/Windows Messenger on the local computer or deactivate some of its features.

As far as usage is concerned, Tweak Msgr shouldn't pose any difficulty to users, regardless of their experience. In order for the changes you make to take effect, your user must have administrative privileges.

The application displays a minimalistic interface comprising all its options within a single window. It enables you to disable Windows Messenger on the host computer and perform some additional operations to implement certain restrictions for the regular user.

As such, it helps you disable file transfer options via Windows Messenger or deactivate voice conversations. With just a click, you can disable phone and video calls as well.

The options you decide to tamper with can be applied for all the users of the target computer or just for the one that is currently logged in. Once you are done with the modifications, your only task is to press the 'Save' button for them to take effect. In case you changed your mind, there is an option that enables you to revert to the default configuration with just a click.

Tweak Msgr comes in handy to administrators in educational institutions or business environments who want to limit the access to communication means on network computers.
Last updated on December 10th, 2002
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