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Stay connected on multiple Yahoo! Messenger accounts and remove ads with the help of this practical and easy to use software application

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Yahoo! Messenger remains a very popular instant messenger and although it comes with many great features, users are still bothered by the advertisement displayed in the main window and also by the fact that they can only login with one ID at a time.

A quick method to get rid of ads

If this is your case too, meet Yahoo Ghost!, a software solution developed to solve these problems with just a few clicks.

This application automatically removes the annoying advertisements we were talking about and it also allows you to run multiple instances of the application, so that you are able to login with multiple IDs at the same time.

In addition, Yahoo Ghost! comes with two more options to remember the Yahoo Messenger password and to load the instant messaging client on startup, although these two settings are also available in the tool developed by Yahoo.

Bring back the original state

One of the things we discovered during our test was that this program doesn't remove the ad entirely, but only the animation, so you will still be able to click on it. Looking on the bright side, you won't be bothered by animations or flashes anymore.

In case you want to revert the settings to the original defaults, Yahoo Ghost! allows you to do so with only one click so you can restore the single login but be warned that you will receive back the advertisement as well.

In conclusion

Overall, Yahoo Ghost! is quite a handy tool if you use Yahoo Messenger on a regular basis and thanks to its great ease of use, it is well suited for all users. It really shines in those situations where more people need to stay logged in, but there is only one computer available.

Yahoo Ghost! was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 5th, 2014
Yahoo Ghost! - This is the main window of Yahoo Ghost! where you can choose the tweaks you want to apply to your Yahoo Messenger application.

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