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A powerful package that contains a multitude of tools with which to enhance Yahoo! Messenger from functionality and accessibility to visual tweaking

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The Internet opened up gates to a new method of socializing. It brought along many applications dedicated to enhancing the way we get in tough with friends, family and business associates. Yahoo! Messenger is already a full-featured instant messaging client, but those who need even more than that can always turn to Y! Messenger Plus.

Quick and easy deployment process

This application could come in very handy when trying to enable some features in Yahoo! Messenger and, as long as you're a fan of this online chat tool, you will find these quite useful.

Y! Messenger Plus installs and runs in a couple of seconds, but the full powers of the app reside in a configuration wizard that loads once you end the setup process.

Comes equipped with various tools

The program is pretty easy to use because you just have to check the options you want and click OK. You can thus introduce the official chat-rooms into Yahoo Messenger, add Inside Yahoo shortcuts and searches, implement In English emotions, add Y! Bar buttons into the chatting window and many more.

Make the interface suit your style

An important tweak you can apply from the window of the configuration wizard of Yahoo! Messenger Plus is transferring the control of the messenger, Yahoo! Tunnel and other plugins to Y! Pilot. The program also brings with some interface tweaks for the messenger enabling you to modify the skins or themes.

Even if it was originally designed for Yahoo! Messenger versions up to 7.0, we've tested the application with newer releases of the instant messaging client and everything worked fine.

In conclusion

All things considered, if you're indeed a Yahoo! Messenger fan and you want to take the most out of the application, Y! Messenger Plus is a really handy tool. Otherwise, it can be no more than your regular chat program add-on.

Y! Messenger Plus was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
Y! Messenger Plus