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Yammy or Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder allows you to decode and view not only yours but, also others stored Yahoo Messenger conversations

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Old Yahoo Messenger conversations about which you forgot can be revived, in case you need to read them again for some reason, provided that they are archived. And if the archive is encoded, worry not because there is a program that will go past that.

Easily get ahold of stored conversations

This little tool is called Yammy, but is also known as Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder. Its sole purpose is to read message archives and show you the contents of your conversations. Best of all, it will do this for free.

Save logs to a text file

The application is able to decode instant messages only, but it will do that in a jiffy. All you have to do is navigate to the 'Archives' folder and choose the file you want to open. Once you have the text displayed, you'll be able to select and save it, just like you would do from a regular webpage and this is because Yammy opens its main interface in a browser window.

Get detailed info on users who log in

With the help of this utility you can view the number of users who have been using Yahoo Messenger and the date of the last conversation. Also, it is possible to check out the total number of conversations and, most importantly, enable the archiving feature that allows you to read the saved messages.

The 'Settings' section offers you the possibility to easily choose the update frequency in hours and also the application language. There is also another window where you can check the application log and see the detailed report on execution and encountered errors or exceptions.

In conclusion

All in all, Yammy serves its purpose well and will allow you to peek into the archived conversations stored onto your computer. If you decide to use it, though, keep in mind that the development for this tool advances rather slowly and, as it happened for us, you might encounter some compatibility issues with the latest versions of Yahoo Messenger.

Yammy (Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
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