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Open Source clone of Windows Live Messenger bringing a new, polished look and the same rich settings menu with no accommodation problems

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If you're a day-to-day user of Windows Live Messenger but you still can't get along with its interface, it's probably the time to try an alternative that provides the same functions as the original. One of those utilities is aMSN, a software solution specifically designed to serve as the perfect replacement for WLM.

Intuitive interface makes it easy to use

aMSN is cross-platform and comes with almost all the features you can find in Windows Live Messenger. The interface is quite user friendly and with all its functions easily accessible from the main window.

A suitable alternative to Windows Live Messenger

Just as one would expect, with aMSN you can do the same things as with WLM, which means you can chat with your online friends, send files, play games, view or broadcast images via your connected webcam, send nudges, set avatars and many more.

You won't miss the emoticons, they are still there as well as the winks, so you won't really feel that you're not using the genuine app.

A rich settings menu

The options menu includes loads of settings that concern both the look and behavior of aMSN, regardless if we're talking about privacy, logging or connection. There's also theme support in there and its worth taking a peek because you might get to like the application more with some custom skins.

To sum it up

All in all, aMSN remains one of the best Windows Live Messenger replacements out there. The feature pack is similar to the one of the original software and the ease of use is at least at the same level so it is definitely worth a try.

aMSN was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
aMSN - You can use the main window of aMSN to input your username, password and select the sign-in status.aMSN - The View menu found in aMSN lets you sort your contacts and change the global nick.aMSN - The Personal tab integrated into the Preferences window allows you to input the Friendly Name.aMSNaMSNaMSNaMSNaMSNaMSNaMSN

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