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A handy and fun instant messaging applications that lets you connect to ICQ or MSN and view any action your partner performs in real time

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Instant messaging somewhat removes the limitations imposed by the physical distance between two or more people. Any self-respecting instant messaging application allows you to set a status, to delete or ignore contacts, to hide from your friends, etc.

Lightweight and easy to use

Few of them though allow you to view when others are hiding from you or when they remove you from their contact list. dMSN Messenger notifies you in case such events happen and keeps you up to date with your friends actions. You can connect to it by using your ICQ or/and MSN account.

Get alerted regarding your friends actions

The interface looks familiar, but it is more user-friendly than what we are generally used to. What sets dMSN Messenger apart from other chat software is the fact that it allows you to view when anyone has closed the conversation window, has deleted you from their contact list, or if they blocked you.

Customize your chatting experience

In addition, there is a real-time translator in your chat conversation window, so you don't have to switch to an Internet browser and look up words. It also displays smileys and a bunch of colors in the contact list and the background theme can be customized to your own taste.

In matter of CPU resources, dMSN Messenger saves up memory resources and it turned out to be friendlier than most instant chat messengers.

To end with

All in all, dMSN Messenger acts like your normal messenger, but sports a set of extra features that make it irresistible to true MSN fans. It comes in handy by offering an explanation for why that long-awaited answer fails to be delivered.

dMSN Messenger was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 7th, 2014
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