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Communicate to your friends and other users in the same network with the help of this intuitive and easy to configure application

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IP-Chat is a simple, yet useful application that can provide a way to keep in touch with users of computers that are connected to the same network as you. Relying on a server-client architecture, the application helps you quickly create a chat room and broadcast text messages to all the users.

Create a chat room in seconds

At launch you are welcomed by a simple window that displays detailed instructions on how to use the application, so it should pose no difficulty to users, regardless of their experience.

In order to create a chat room, one of the partners has to start the application in 'Server' mode and allow it to bypass the firewall settings. To do so, you must select the designated option within the main screen and specify the port number to use. If the computer is connected to a router, you have to perform a port forwarding operation for the ports you are hosting on.

Send public or private messages

Once you have provided the desired nickname, the chat room window opens. For a client to connect to the new server, the user must know the corresponding IP address (either internal, for Intranet / LANs or external, for GAN / Internet) and the used port number.

The chat window is simple and well-organized, displaying a list of all the connected users, alongside the text field where you can input the message you want to send. Each time a new friend connects to the server, a message is displayed within the main window in green. The same happens when one of the users leaves the room, but this time the notification is shown in red.

You can send public messages in the chat room and all the users will be able to read them, but if you want to talk to a friend in private, IP-Chat provides an option for that too.

A handy LAN chat client

IP-Chat is a handy alternative to more complex IM clients, allowing communication between workstations in the same LAN based on their IP addresses. It does not take long to configure and enables you to exchange opinions and stories with friends in the same LAN.

IP-Chat was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on May 7th, 2014
IP-Chat - You can use IP-Chat to keep in touch with your friends that are connected to the same network.IP-Chat - IP-Chat enables you to send public or private messages in the chat room and talk to any of the connected users.

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