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Simple chat application that enables communication between users of the same local area network (LAN), featuring support for a basic set of emoticons

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Communicating with clients in the local area network (LAN) is not too challenging a task and there are plenty of utilities that can achieve this.

IP Chat has been created for this particular purpose and offers the users a simple interface that lacks any bells and whistles.

Log in with the local IP address

Immediately after launch the application asks for the log in credentials, which are nothing else but the local IP address and the name of the computer. Out of these two only the latter can be modified.

The communication port is also listed on the screen with the log in details and it is subject to customization as well.

The interface is simple, with a list of the users that are currently online being displayed in the right hand part. These are detected automatically, but there is the possibility to search the network for a particular user, too.

Intuitive layout and options

The chat screen takes the largest part of the application window while the messages are entered in the lower part.

Not just plain text can be delivered with IP Chat as the developer touts support for smilies. For these elements to appear it is necessary to know the standard codes.

The program includes some configuration options, which allow defining the color of the user in the chat window, in order to keep track of the dialog. Additionally, there is the possibility to instruct the application to pop up when a new message is received, or just to show an alert in the taskbar.

Barebones LAN messaging tool

IP Chat is a communication tool that allows sending text message to clients in the local network. Although it lacks any complexity it automatically save the conversation logs in a TXT file.

IP Chat was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on May 26th, 2014
IP Chat - The main window of IP Chat enables you to access all of the application's options.IP Chat - To activate the Hidden mode you will use the Options menu.

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