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With Tonic, you will get all of the versatility, convenience and power of instant messaging, with none of the interference

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Tonic is a compact and comprehensive chatting application designed for communicating within local area networks. It provides the advantages of a standard messaging client, enabling you to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances in your LAN.

All the computers in the same workgroup that use Tonic are automatically detected at the first run and displayed in the contact list. New users can also be added, by simply entering their IP address, which means that Tonic works over the Internet with any other computer.

The main interface is quite simple, enabling you to initiate a conversation and modify your status. 'Online', 'Away', 'DND', 'Invisible' and 'Offline' are the available options. Custom status messages are not supported, but the application can be set to automatically change the status to 'Away' when your PC is idle.

Additionally, it comes with a wide and variate collection of hundreds of account pictures that can be assigned to your account to display your mood or character.

The chat window features font and color customization and provides you with various emoticons that can be included in conversations, to make them more fun and expressive. The appearance of the messages can also be personalized.

As most IM clients, the application supports file transfers and automatically logs incoming and outgoing messages, as well as the transferred files. The conversation history can be exported to TXT format and saved to your computer for later reference.

Tonic can also run silently in the system tray and notify you when a new message is received (using a pop-up window or predefined sounds).

The customization options enable you to run the program at startup, modify the displayed nickname and location, change the default user name, sort the contacts and hide offline ones.

All things considered, Tonic provides basic IM functions, enabling LAN members to communicate with each other. Be it a home network or a large company, it is a handy tool for chatting and exchanging files.

Tonic was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 23rd, 2013
Tonic - Tonic will provide users with versatility, convenience and power of instant messaging, with none of the interferenceTonic - The Contact menu will allow users to manage their address book as well as history or conversationTonic - Users will be able to quickly and easily switch between their availability within the Status menuTonic - screenshot #4Tonic - screenshot #5Tonic - screenshot #6Tonic - screenshot #7Tonic - screenshot #8Tonic - screenshot #9Tonic - screenshot #10Tonic - screenshot #11

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