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Chat with the people on your network

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LAN Messenger is a compact tool designed to facilitate the communication between the computers from a local area network. The app allows you to send and receive instant text messages and provides you with all the basic function for communicating with your friends or colleagues.

There are a lot of instant messaging tools available for the Windows users but most of them require a server or a Internet connection. If you do not have the resources for a server and you do not want to use a Internet-based communicator, this program can help.

The interface is quite simple and allows you to set your status and to view the list of users that can be contacted. You can easily create a private room or join the public chat in order to exchange messages.

As most IM clients, the program supports file transfers and provides you with a log for the received files or messages. The important conversations can be saved to external files by choosing between the HTML or TXT format.

The customization options provide you with a plethora of parameters that should satisfy even the most demanding users. You can run the application at startup, enable the emoticon support, disable the message logging and customize the audio alerts for multiple events. The appearance of the messages can also be personalized by using one of the included themes.

As a network communication tool, the LAN Messenger can be used by administrators in order to provide support to remote locations. Unfortunately, it does not support Terminal Services in order to help the administrator connect to the remote computer.

During our tests, the program required insignificant resources and had no impact on the computer performance even during file transfers.

LAN Messenger is a useful application for any computer user who wants to communicate with other users from the same network. It is also distributed for Mac and Linux which makes it a great tool for cross-platform communication.

LAN Messenger was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on March 6th, 2013
LAN Messenger - This is how you can use the main window of LAN Messenger to chat with the people on your network.LAN Messenger - You can change your status from Available to busy with the help of the system tray icon.LAN Messenger - This is how you can choose to start the application when your computer boots.LAN MessengerLAN MessengerLAN MessengerLAN MessengerLAN MessengerLAN MessengerLAN Messenger

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