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Yahoo Status Check (Invisible, Online, Offline)

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Check Yahoo! Status is a lightweight utility designed to show you whether a Yahoo ID is connected to Yahoo Messenger or not.

Although the market is already full of similar applications, Check Yahoo! Status also offers a bunch of other tools besides the actual status detection.

For instance, Check Yahoo! Status also displays the Yahoo Avatar and even comes with a dedicated tool to let you download the photo in PNG format. In addition, the application displays the Yahoo 360 link for every checked ID but, since this particular service doesn't exist anymore, it's just useless information.

Getting back to the way it detects status, Check Yahoo! Status offers users the possibility to automatically check the status of a given ID at a defined interval. In this regard, the program comes with a special history panel in the main window that enables you to track status history for any ID.

If you're wondering whether Check Yahoo! Status is really effective or not, our tests demonstrated that the program doesn't always show the correct status messages, while the avatar tool worked flawlessly.

Of course, you need an Internet connection to be able to use Check Yahoo! Status. The application remains quite friendly with computer resources and doesn't affect performance by any means.

The conclusion is rather simple: Check Yahoo! Status is a handy tool especially if you wish to download the avatars your friends are using, as it proved less effective when it comes to checking whether an ID is online or not.

Check Yahoo! Status was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 26th, 2013
Check Yahoo! Status - This is the main window of Check Yahoo! Status that will allow you to verify if someone using Yahoo Messenger is online.

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