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A flexible application that uses a webcam and a microphone to allow users to chat, giving them the option to create contact lists

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Interaction between people is a basic need. People need to hear and see each other in order to feel comfortable when communicating.

Over long distances, when face to face chat is impossible, people can use physical or electronic mail, phones, or image and audio capturing devices for communication.

Having a webcam and microphone can help you ease your conversations with someone over the Internet.

FACT is a fast and easy to use application that, using a webcam and microphone, helps you connect with other people that you have saved as contacts.

The application supports most webcams and microphones, and cannot properly run without these components.

Reliable contact connections

FACT is a digital conference tool that helps you communicate with other people, via a webcam and microphone. You can create contacts by entering their email address and name.

You can easily video or audio call a contact that was previously saved in your calling list.

Fast instant messaging

FACT allows you to send text messages to your contacts, in addition to video and audio chatting. This can come in handy when you need to send a link or a long text to someone; you do not have to read or spell out loud that text, you just simply send it.

You can easily modify the text color and font, making the chatting session more diverse. The application allows you to save your conversations, thus creating a backup that might come in handy when you forgot a detail from a previous conversation.

A powerful and adaptable digital conference utility

FACT helps you connect to others visually and through sounds, by using your webcam and microphone to do so. Using this application, you will never feel too far from your friends and colleagues.

FACT was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 10th, 2014
FACT - The application helps you connect with your contacts using a microphone and a webcam.FACT - You can send and receive text messages which you can customize by changing font and color.

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