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A useful application that was especially designed to provide users with a simple means of sending messages, requests or pokes for several contacts at once

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Those who are trying to increase their revenues and attract more visitors and potential customers for their online business often resort to software solutions that are developed precisely for these purposes.

FaceBook Friend Adder Elite is one such application that targets a specific online platform in order to enlist new users, interested in one product or another, as advertised by the marketer.

Tabbed interface for increased ease of use

As soon as you install this program and have it up and running, you will meet the simple GUI that facilitates the access to all the features. Neatly grouped under several tabs are the configuration options that can be used to adjust the settings of FaceBook Friend Adder Elite.

Almost half of the main window is reserved to a section that can be used as a web browser, but, unfortunately, it is not possible to claim the space by closing that pane or extending the area holding the actual operational commands and functions.

Collect Facebook IDs, send bulk friend requests, messages and more

FaceBook Friend Adder Elite is designed to easily gather user, group or fans IDs, thanks to the dedicated module. The search can be done from the currently loaded page, from all pages or using a Google search which is based on a term you input.

Sending pokes or posting on the Facebook wall of users in your database can also be done with minimal efforts. Likewise, messages can be dispatched as well, alongside friend requests and, what's more, the lists of contacts can be saved for later use.

Online marketing software for Facebook promotions

All in all, this application proposes a simple manner of extending the reach of a certain product or service provided by a business. There are a few configurations that can be made in order to refine the process, but the efficiency of such methods depends on more factors than the program used to promote a business.

FaceBook Friend Adder Elite was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
FaceBook Friend Adder Elite - This is the main window of Facebook Friend Adder Elite, where you can login to your Facebook account.FaceBook Friend Adder Elite - Facebook Friend Adder Elite will enable you to gather IDs or to import them from a list.FaceBook Friend Adder Elite - In the Messenger window of Facebook Friend Adder Elite, you can start sending messages to your friends.FaceBook Friend Adder Elite - In the Settings tab of Facebook Friend Adder Elite, you will be able to ignore users.

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