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The quickest, easiest way to stay connected with your Facebook friends

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FlipToast is a simple-to-use application that provides easy access to the Facebook features. Thus, you can be even closer to your friends on the social network.

The first time you run FlipToast, you are required to log in with your Facebook credentials and to set permissions; post on your behalf, access messages in your inbox and posts in your News Feed, manage your notifications.

The utility's features can be accessed directly from the desktop via the clean and intuitive interface. Thus, you can listen to on-demand radio, view game and app recommendations, as well as find FlipToast on Facebook and iPhone.

When it comes to Facebook, FlipToast allows you to immediately update your status, upload photos to a specific album and view notifications. But you can also check out the News Feed and use a search function, as well as chat with friends and post something on their wall.

FlipToast's functionality extends to the use of Twitter. Thus, you can read Tweets from your timeline and post new ones, see who you follow and follow new people, update your profile and access your direct messages, as well as use a search tool. Last but not least, you can search for videos on YouTube.

From the "Settings" area you can change FlipToast's orientation and position, disable sound in chat, as well as set the delay time for fade out notifications, number of items to replay and the font size.

The simple-to-use tool requires a pretty high amount of system resources and includes a help file along with a quick guide. No error dialogs have been displayed throughout our testing. FlipToast certainly provides a simpler way to access social networks and should be included in the collection of any avid Facebook user.

FlipToast was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on December 10th, 2012
FlipToast - FlipToast will provide users with the quickest, easiest way to stay connected with your Facebook friendsFlipToast - Users will be able to access options such as Update your Facebook status, Upload images, News feeds or FriendsFlipToast - The Upload photos to Facebook component will allow users to drag and drop their pictures to the box and select the album to put them intoFlipToast - screenshot #4FlipToast - screenshot #5FlipToast - screenshot #6FlipToast - screenshot #7

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