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An entertaining set of display pictures that you can use within MSN Messenger to show your buddies how much you enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto

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Chatting with your buddies is an entertaining pastime on a computer and most users like to add their own touch of personality and style to the image they use as their so-called avatar image. GTA San Andreas Display Pictures are a collection of graphic files that can help you replace the default ones of MSN Messenger with custom ones.

Users simply need to unpack the images to the folder of their choice then switch the current display pictures with the other ones, inspired by the famous game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Due to the popularity of the game among youngsters, these are the ones most likely to appreciate the pics and to replace their avatars on MSN Messenger with them.

However, the main issue they might stumble upon is to install MSN Messenger 6 or 7, as these versions are the ones advertised by the developer to be compatible with GTA San Andreas Display Pictures. When trying to run an obsolete edition of the instant messenger, a notification window is displayed which informs users about a new version and closes the current one.

In other words, unless users are already running versions 6 or 7 of MSN Messenger, they might be able to make a fresh install, as they will constantly be advised to download and run Skype, the latest edition of the chatting software.

All in all, GTA San Andreas Display Pictures could prove a great way to customize the avatar image on MSN Messenger, but it is best to try and use them either with a different messenger (the display picture can be changed for any of them), or for the latest version of Microsoft’s messaging app.

GTA San Andreas Display Pictures was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on September 11th, 2013
GTA San Andreas Display Pictures - This folder contains some interesting pictures for you messenger.

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