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A user-friendly software solution that enables you to bring back Windows Live Messenger and use it, rather than upgrade to Skype

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There are many fans of Windows Live Messenger out there who would like to keep their favorite messaging application, even if Microsoft wants them to switch to Skype which should replace WLM altogether. As long as the service is available and there is a way to sign in and use it, there is a utility that can keep the messenger alive and it is called suggestively Messenger Reviver.

This software comes in a light package and doesn't have to be installed, so you should be able to get it up and running even on the go, from a portable storage device like a USB flash drive. The simple GUI of Messenger Reviver makes it possible for any user to get back their preferred messaging utility as a fresh setup or repair it if it is already present onto the system.

The program supports Windows Live Messenger versions from 2008 up to 2012 and is able to detect automatically the presence of any of them in case the 'Patch Messenger' options is selected from the 'Advanced' menu.

In case you want to perform a new setup of WLM, you will have the possibility to get it in any language you prefer by simply selecting it from the drop-down menu available in the main window of Messenger Reviver.

A neat function offered by this tool is the one that allows you to run the Windows Live Messenger setup with the installation wizard hidden. In case you prefer to view and adjust the options manually, you can simply uncheck the corresponding box.

All in all, Messenger Reviver will surely prove to be of great help for all those who wish to keep WLM until the service is completely disabled by Microsoft. Effective and very easy to use, this software deserves a spot among the top programs of its kind.

Messenger Reviver was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 30th, 2015
Messenger Reviver - The main window of Messenger Reviver helps users continue using Windows Live Messenger rather than upgrading to Skype

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