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Load different instances of Yahoo! Messenger with ease

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Those who are familiarized with online chatting tools often wondered how would it be possible to have several concurrent sessions running on the same PC in order to be able to use more than one user account.

Insofar as Yahoo! Messenger is concerned, this is possible if one chooses one of the dedicated utilities that have been developed for this purpose. Among them, MultiYahoo! is one of the simpler solutions for the above mentioned situation.

Using this application, you will be able to log onto different accounts and chat with your friends through multiple Yahoo! Messenger instances. Very easy to use by anyone, MultiYahoo! is ready to be deployed in a couple of instants.

Without having to go through complex configurations to enjoy the benefits of having two or more accounts active in the same time on a single PC, the program delivers this functionality on the spot.

As soon as the setup wizard completes the installation, the main window of MultiYahoo! comes forth and you can press the button that allows Yahoo! Messenger to run in several separate windows.

The utility works in a quite simple manner as it patches the installation of the instant messenger using a special registry key that unlocks the much sought-after functionality. To do this, you can simply press the button in the middle of the GUI and there's nothing more to it.

Given its utmost ease of use, MultiYahoo! is certainly one of the tools that could very well become part of any user's utility belt. However, it doesn't provide a means of unpatching Yahoo! Messenger to have it reverted to its initial state.

You will have to look inside the 'Windows' folder on the machine where MultiYahoo! was installed and locate then remove the registry key created by the application. Using the registry editor is another option you can try if you want to undo the changes made by this software.

MultiYahoo! was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on June 19th, 2013
MultiYahoo! - From this window you can patch your Yahoo messenger to support multiple instances.

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