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An Omegle conversation tool built in Java designed for trolling purposes, able to disconnect or to intervene in anonymous chat sessions

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OmegleSpyX is an application designed to spy on conversations that are being carried out inside the Omegle network. It can interrupt a discussion while allowing you to impersonate one of the parties involved in a chat session.

For those unfamiliar with Omegle, it is an online service that creates anonymous conversations between two strangers that are randomly selected into a chat. Needless to say, if an application such as OmegleSpyX is able to spy on the sessions, the security of the communication channels is not their strongest point.

OmegleSpyX should not be used to defeat the purpose of Omegle. To quote the developer, the program was designed for trolling purposes, which means fun should have a well-established limit.

You are made aware of these aspects during the first startup of the program, when an advisory note is displayed in the form of a splash screen. A new conversation is selected randomly each time you launch the application, but you can always switch to a new randomly chosen one using the dedicated commands.

You can disconnect either one of the two parties, as well as swap them, block messages in their behalf or impersonate them and send your own messages. If a conversation suddenly ends, there will be possibilities to save it locally or share the content on pasteHTML.

A new conversation will be automatically selected for you when an existing one is closed. You can use word filters to block content or define common interests so as to restrict the selection of the chats by matching it against your list.

In conclusion, OmegleSpyX is the kind of spy you can have fun with as long as you don’t ruin the purpose of the Omegle network. While for some it can be interesting to have a peek at other people’s conversations, we do not encourage this type of behavior. Viewer discretion is advised.

OmegleSpyX was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 5th, 2014
OmegleSpyX - The main window of OmegleSpyX enables you to view the conversation and to type your message.OmegleSpyX - You can disconnect from the current conversation and find a new one by using the designated menu of OmegleSpyX.OmegleSpyX - screenshot #3OmegleSpyX - The Tools menu enables you to clear the screen, customize names and filter words.

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