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This is an intuitive and user-friendly application designed to provide a preview of images embedded inside links throughout your Skype sessions

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Previewer for Skype is a versatile application that serves to deliver previews of the images that you receive on Skype via links. Secondary functions include image saving options and QR code generation for all supported images.

Skype is a popular chat application and while it encases many features related to content management, it fails to offer users a direct means to view pictures embedded inside links. The viewing process is redirected to your default browser, which more than often, isn’t as comfortable as expected.

Previewer for Skype can arrange for a cozier experience, in the way that it can preview images throughout conversations just by hovering the mouse over their adjacent links. This saves time and makes your Skype chats more streamlined and easier to handle.

Once you launch it, the program sits quietly in the system tray and integrates into Skype silently, without requiring additional adjustments. A popup panel will be triggered each time you hover on a link that directs to an image, with options to save it locally (with the same format as the original) or generate a QR code for it on the spot.

Moreover, you can view it in full screen or copy its path, at the cost of one click. The History section contains all of the links you’ve received in the past, allowing you to copy the whole set in one move, if you ever need to.

From the Options window, you can choose the folder to which the images will be exported if you opt for a save operation, as well as to empty the image cache and even the history of the pictures received over Skype.

In conclusion, Previewer for Skype comes across as a nifty little assistant that implements image viewing inside Skype and eliminates the need to resort to a browser. The direct consequence is a more pleasant chat environment.

Previewer for Skype was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
Previewer for Skype - Previewer for Skype allows users to preview images from links received in your Skype conversations.Previewer for Skype - Previewer for Skype keeps a history of all images received during communication sessions.Previewer for Skype - Previewer for Skype allows users to copy links or to open them in the default browser.Previewer for SkypePreviewer for Skype

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