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A desktop client for Twitter that enables you to read the latest tweets, view replies, add comments and view images outside a web browser

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Retcon provides you with a way to access Twitter without having to use a web browser. It acts as a desktop client for the popular social network, enabling you to access your account, read posts of people you follow and publish your messages.

Support for multiple Twitter accounts

The interface is not so appealing, but it offers fast access to all the options and is easy to get accustomed with. Retcon supports multiple accounts, displaying the tweets, mentions and direct messages for all users. However, you can configure it to open new tabs containing posts for one user only or combine tabs to show you exactly the feeds you want to view.

The main window comprises options for marking one ore more messages as read and sorting tweets. Furthermore, you can easily navigate to the top and instruct the application to make hidden or deleted messages visible.

Read and publish Twitter posts without a browser

Posting a message or replying to a tweet is very easy, thanks to the simple form at the lower side of the GUI. Your only task is to select the account you want to use from a drop-down list, enter the desired text and press the 'Send' or 'Reply' button (the latter is activated if you click on the username to whom you want to write to).

Retcon also comes with options to search for another Twitter user by their name or the numeric identifier. Furthermore, it enables you to view details about your profile, starting from the name, number of tweets and followers, web URL, account ID and so on.

A handy Twitter desktop client

Despite its unimpressive interface, Retcon enables you to read and filter tweets, post messages and add comments to existing ones, not for one, but for multiple accounts.  It enables you to visit your Twitter profile outside the web browser, while offering options to customize the feed.

Retcon was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 4th, 2015
Retcon - You can use Retcon to view the tweets others posted and write your own comments without using a browser.Retcon - You can easily mark all the tweets as read, jump to another post or apply filters to the list.Retcon - Retcon enables you to view tweets, mentions and DMs for the currently logged in account.Retcon - screenshot #4Retcon - screenshot #5Retcon - screenshot #6Retcon - screenshot #7Retcon - screenshot #8Retcon - screenshot #9Retcon - screenshot #10Retcon - screenshot #11Retcon - screenshot #12

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