Launcher for Skype (formerly Skype Launcher)1.6.8

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Launches multiple Skype sessions and autologin accounts

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Launcher for Skype is a simple application that allows you to launch multiple instances of Skype and to login in with more than one account. You can use it for managing multiple conversations on the same computer.

Skype is a useful application for contacting other colleagues or friends and also has the ability to start multiple instances in order to sign in with different accounts. However, since starting a new instance from the Command Prompt and entering the login details manually can take some time, you can use another alternative.

This tool aims to help you start as many instances as required and sign in automatically with just one click. In order to use the launcher you need to enter the details for your accounts in the configuration dialog that appears after the installation.

Even if you are not using all the accounts permanently, you can add all the credentials and select the connected accounts from the launch dialog. The program can also control the Skype behavior by minimizing the main window and disabling the sign in dialog.

The application provides you with the option to export the executable and the parameters to a separate folder that can be copied to a portable storage device. This enables you to use the launcher on any computer that has Skype without having to install the program.

The interface of the Launcher is quite simple and can easily be understood by both casual and experienced computer users. It only runs when launching Skype and requires insignificant resources to sign in the specified accounts.

Overall, Launcher for Skype is a useful tool that can save a lot of time for the users who frequently use more accounts and need to start multiple Skype instances.

Launcher for Skype (formerly Skype Launcher) was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on May 28th, 2013
Launcher for Skype (formerly Skype Launcher) - Launcher for Skype will help you quickly and easily run multiple Skype sessions and autologin accounts

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