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A lightweight, yet intuitive application that gives you the possibility to centralize and grab any opened message window of Yahoo Messenger






Super Y! is a handy utility that allows you to centralize all of your opened instant message windows of Yahoo Messenger under a single one. This way, you can easily keep a close eye on any new incoming messages, all in a single window, helping you avoid IM window overload.

The application requires Yahoo Messenger installed on your computer in order to be able to grab all your messages under one active window. By doing so, it keeps your desktop cleaner and it gives you the possibility to dock your IM windows to a single one, instead of keeping them scattered on your screen.

Multiple IM windows can be confusing sometimes, as you can lose track of who you are writing to, especially when several contacts send you messages. But with the help of Super Y!, you can manage all your opened message windows, by centralizing them under a large one, that keeps count of any new messages received, as well as the name of the contact that you are currently talking to.

You can set the application to announce you whenever a new message is received, by flashing the main window. Additionally, the program can be set to pop up its main window whenever a new message has been sent to you. This helps you promptly respond to your friends, as soon as they send you a message.

Furthermore, you can keep Super Y! on top of all other applications. By doing so, you enable the program to instantly open its main window in front of all the other applications, so that you can write response messages on the spot.

By using the application, you can manage all your opened message windows of Yahoo Messenger, avoiding the confusion created by multiple flashing IM windows scattered on your desktop, that announce you about any new received messages.
Last updated on December 24th, 2004
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