Yahoo! Avatar Grabber 1.0

Get the avatar picture of any person you want just by entering their Yahoo! ID and pressing the grab button within the simple interface

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Yahoo! Avatar Grabber
Yahoo! Avatar Grabber addresses a very small group (hopefully) of Internet users that like to spend (waste, in fact) their spare time by grabbing the avatars of other Yahoo! users for a number of reasons.

First things first, though, chatting on any social network in your spare time cannot be condemned in any possible way because, in the end, it is your choice and that’s it. A problem arises when a Yahoo! addict finds out about Yahoo! Avatar Grabber and instantly starts using it to steal (yes, steal) the avatar image files of other users.

This has been happening for a while now, but Yahoo! finally put a stop to all these online services by blocking their access. We cannot clearly state that there won’t be any updates on the matter at hand and that someone won’t release an app capable of doing it one more time, but, until then, Yahoo! Avatar Grabber is totally useless.

This does not really change its status amongst people that do have a spine; however, trends these days seem that almost anything that has nothing to do with constructive ideas goes viral and a part of the community blindly embraces and shares it to other users.

This is exactly the case with Yahoo! Avatar Grabber or any other similar tool, for that matter. There must be something awkwardly interesting with all these no-brainer apps, though, right? Well, guess what? It doesn’t have to be something interesting. Absurdity and silliness seem to be enough for the average or below-average user these days.

All in all, Yahoo! Avatar Grabber does not seem to work and that can only come as great news in the entire community. It’s pointless and, as much as you can try and spend way too much time considering every single angle, you can’t find a truly helpful purpose for its existence. Just looking it up on the Internet reveals all kinds of users from the bottomless pit of shallowness and idiocy.

Yahoo! Avatar Grabber was reviewed by , last updated on November 13th, 2013

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