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Run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger

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Nowadays, having multiple email accounts is normal and it comes from the need to separate our personal and professional lives. However, what happens when you have more than one Yahoo! email account that you use on a daily basis and need to log into your messenger?

The Yahoo Messenger Multi Login is a tool that was created to help you run multiple instances of the famous messenger software.

Most people that have more than one Yahoo! account have a common issue: the inability to run multiple instances of the app, each with its own ID. This program seeks to resolve the problem and, thus, to save you a lot of time.

Normally, you’d have to waste time by logging in and out of your every account in order to check your friend list and message random people.

This tool solves the problem and lets you run multiple instances of the same messenger and, furthermore, to log into different accounts at the same time. Thus, you can be available both on your personal account and on your business-oriented ID at the same time.

Yahoo Messenger Multi Login is a program that comes with an extremely simple interface. The app only has two buttons: one for enabling and one for disabling the multi login feature.

All in all, Yahoo Messenger Multi Login is a useful tool that works seamlessly. Inexperienced users should find this tool extremely easy to work with, thanks to its overall simplicity.

Yahoo Messenger Multi Login was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on December 28th, 2012
Yahoo Messenger Multi Login

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