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An application that enables you and others to download your favorite artworks from the renowned and exclusive 1X community website

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There are countless places on the Internet where you can go to admire art and 1X.com is one of them. It’s one of the most exclusive photography and photo montage communities that exist and offers thousands of carefully selected pieces of art in a vast range of categories.

Like most people, you fall in love with a lot of breathtaking photos or impressive edits and would certainly like to have them on your desktop or as a background for your phone. 1X Spider is a piece of software which enables you to download entire galleries from 1X members and store them on your computer.

Easy to install and use

1X Spider is an application that won’t trouble you in any way when installing it. After following a few steps from the installation wizard, the app makes its way onto your computer and with a double-click you can run it.

From the main window of the application you are able to access a list of all the downloaded galleries and the artists that they belong to, you can view the images in multiple sizes and even play a slideshow from them.

To download images all you have to do is insert the URL for a gallery, choose the images you want and then give it the all clear.

Update galleries to keep track of new pieces

A nice feature with which 1X Spider is fitted is the possibility to update the galleries you have previously downloaded. This way, if a 1X member publishes some new pieces of art, you can get them with a simple click.

If you’re having problems with your Internet connection and download is slow, you can tell the application how many simultaneous images it can run. Moreover, 1X Spider enables you to connect via proxy.

Respect copyright

1X.com only watermarks high resolution images and members are not allowed to stamp their name or logo on them in order to maintain a uniform style. From this fact, a rather large inconvenience arises to using 1X Spider.

The application is able to extract image title and artist name but when it downloads them to your computer, they are renamed with a random sequence of numbers, leaving them with no means of being identified. This not only makes it difficult to name the artist when someone asks you who took that wonderful photo, but it also tends to rob them of recognition.

In closing, 1X Spider is a nice tool to have if you’re looking to download photos on your computer and have them close whenever you want to brighten up your day. However, it is important that you respect the author’s work and use the application for your own personal enjoyment within copyright laws.

1X Spider was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 11th, 2015
1X Spider - 1X Spider enables you to download images from the popular 1X website onto your computer.1X Spider - To download a gallery, all you have to do is enter its URL and then let the application grab them for you.1X Spider - From the Download section of the Preferences window, you are able to choose the number of simultaneous downloads.1X Spider - screenshot #4