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An intuitive and user-friendly application that you can rely on whenever you want to find album covers on Amazon and download the images

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Listening to music is an important part of many people, as it it can help them relax, cheer up or even focus better than before. Those who also like to customize their audio tracks and associate them with the proper artwork can turn to Amazon Cover Downloader to effortlessly get the images they look for.

Intuitive cover grabber

Besides Internet connection, the only requisite before enjoying the functions of this application is .NET Framework 3.5, meaning that you first need to install it, then run Amazon Cover Downloader - since no installation is necessary, you can even store it on a portable flash drive and launch it only when you are searching for a specific cover.

The graphic interface is highly intuitive as you simply need to type the name of the artist or of the album you are interested in, which makes it a very handy app even for novices.

Preview and download album covers

If you want to explore all the albums released by a certain artist or band, you can simply input the name and browse all the available artwork.

Once you have found the cover you were looking for, you can right click its thumbnail and download it to your computer as JPEG - it will be saved to the same folder where Amazon Cover Downloader is stored.

You can grab as many covers as you like, however this might prove to be a time-consuming task, as you will need to select each cover separately, as there is no support for batch downloading.


All in all, Amazon Cover Downloader can prove a reliable utility for all music enthusiasts who like to get the correct album cover and associate it with their audio tracks. Nonetheless, the only available source is Amazon, so if you prefer a different site for your covers, you will need to find another app.

Amazon Cover Downloader was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
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