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With the aid of this little application, you will be able to download various file types from the Internet onto the selected drive

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Amms Swift Downloader is a very simplistic approach to download managers. It facilitates the transfer of files from the Internet to your computer, regardless of their extensions.

We feel obliged to warn you from the getgo that the program is at the beginning of its road, therefore some features might not work as expected. The need for improvement is noticeable at every step, as we experienced during our tests.

Simplicity is the feature that best describes it, although not necessarily in a positive way. It does advantage users will less tech experience, as it is quite easy to setup and use, nonetheless, more advanced functionality might be required for professional users to accept it.

The interface adopts a rudimentary appearance and uses a large font for its commands, which gives the impression of a rather unprofessional approach. The first step you need to take is to paste the download link manually, as the program does not benefit from a clipboard sniffer that can automatically place the address for you.

Then, you can select the output folder, which can only be one of the local drives, with no option to choose a directory from that specific drive. For instance, you can download a file on C:\, but not on C:\Downloads, which is a major drawback.

Next, you can enter a name for the download and the file format and here, you can choose the extension from a list. If the format on the file isn’t on the supported list, you can just check ‘Other Format’ and specify it in the corresponding dialog.

When these steps are completed, all that remains to be done is to press the ‘Download’ button and wait for the application to grab and save the file. However, it doesn’t always accomplish its job; we noticed that it cannot process long download links and even for short links, sometimes an errors is displayed stating that there is no Internet connection (even though this is false, of course).

The general impression that Amms Swift Downloader leaves on the end user is that of a buggy application that sometimes works and other times doesn’t. There’s a stringent need for enhancements in many areas, including appearance and functionality.

Amms Swift Downloader was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 11th, 2014
Amms Swift Downloader - The main window of Amms Swift Downloader allows users to paste the download link.Amms Swift Downloader - If the format of the file to be downloaded isn't listed in the main GUI, you can specify it using this dialog.

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