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A simple to use software that enables you to download apps created for the Android phone, onto your computer, by generating download links

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Apk Downloader is a reliable software that enables you to download apps compatible with Android phones, onto your computer. The software can generate download links for apps from Google Play or from other specific websites, so you can save the content to a local folder. Apk Downloader aims to help you avoid transferring viruses onto your phone.

Android content downloader

Using Apk Downloader, you may easily download the desired apps for your phone, onto your computer. You simply need to specify the package name or the Google Play URL, then the software can generate a download link and can help you save the content to a local folder. This way, you can avoid downloading potentially harmful files onto your phone.

After saving the app in .APK format to your computer, you may easily scan it or run it through a trusted security check, in order to ensure that it is clean. Thus, Apk Downloader enables you to save any app onto a protected platform, which is your computer. When you are sure that the app is clean, you may easily transfer it onto the phone, with the help of the USB cable.

Check the application before installing it onto your phone

Generally, you only need to access the desired app store from your phone, then download the applications directly onto the device. However, many harmful files may be transferred at the same time and infect your phone with malware. This is why Apk Downloader allows you to transfer the apps to the computer first.

Not only can the software generate the download links, but it can also assist you in transferring the files onto your computer. The software displays the name of the app, the size and the current version, before you start the download.

Reliable download assistant

Apk Downloader is easy to use and it can transfer the files from the store to your computer in a short time. You may monitor the evolution of the download, from the progress bar, then access the application from the dedicated folder. Once the app downloaded, you may run security checks and transfer it onto the Android phone with the help of the USB cable.

Apk Downloader was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 18th, 2014
Apk Downloader - Apk Downloader is a simple to use download manager that enables you to download applications for your Android phone.Apk Downloader - Using Apk Downloader, you can easily download applications for your Android phone, to the dedicated folder on your computer.Apk Downloader - The goal of the program is to help you avoid viruses for the Android phone, by downloading the apps on the computer.