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An easy to use application that was designed in order to enable you to quickly download and convert your preferred online videos

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Once in a while many users come across a video that they like so much they would like to keep and see every day. Sometimes though, the clips can only be viewed online and in case there's no Internet access, that favorite movie will be unavailable.

However, there is a way to enjoy these preferred clips and it involves transferring them onto your computer. Such a task would not be possible without a specialized utility like Basic YouTube Downloader.

Quite easy to use and with a friendly, even if some would rather call it dull, interface, this application takes one step further and besides downloading the videos it is also able to convert them in the same time.

If someone wishes to keep just the audio stream from an online clip, this can be easily done because Basic YouTube Downloader is able to save the output as MP3 (with several quality presets available), WAV, OGG or WMA.

A neat feature of this software solution is the ability to boost the level of the audio volume, so in case the source is barely audible, the resulting sound file will gain some extra decibels, up to 20, depending on your choice.

The supported video formats include all the common file types recognized by any multimedia player, as well as some that are specific to devices like tablets and mobile phones. Thus, the list of output profiles includes several presets for iPhone, iPad, iPhone, Xbox, PSP and Android powered devices.

To sum things up, Basic YouTube Downloader is, as it's name suggests, a tool with uncomplicated functions that is designed to carry out a simple job, without any bells and whistles. It hasn't got some special features to set it apart for the rest of the pack, so it can only be considered average, at best.

Basic YouTube Downloader was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 14th, 2014
Basic YouTube Downloader - Basic YouTube Downloader comes with a simple GUI that allows you to transfer the videos onto your PC in no time.