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The application allows you to download Bing maps to your computer and save them to pictures so you can view them anytime you want

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Bing Map Superget is an intuitive application that enables you to view the world map, using the Bing service, then select areas from it and download them to your computer. The software is capable of extracting maps and images contained in the particular piece of map you have selected.

Find any city in the world

The software requires Internet connection, in order to display an up-to-date image of the world map, that you can zoom in on. Thus, you can view the continents and oceans, then zoom in and observe state borders, cities and roads.

You can use the rectangular and polygonal selection tools, in order to capture a specific area on the map, in a square shape or outline a state’s borders. The software also enables you to search a particular city or place, by entering its name or coordinates. The software supports the latitude and longitude type of measuring. Additionally, if you are looking for a large city or a capital, you may select it, if available from the list of preset destinations.

Reliable download manager

Depending on the area that you select on the map, you can download data and images associated to the region you chose. The integrated download manager allows you to check if the coordinates coincide to the area you wish to download, then specify the destination folder and the name of the task.

Each task features multiple download levels. Thus, lower levels include less information and pictures, while superior levels offer you up to millions of images, depending on the size of the selected area. Additionally, higher levels imply larger images, better printing quality and larger file sizes.

Monitor downloading tasks

The software can batch download areas of the world map and allows you to monitor the progression of each item. You can view the number of kilobytes being transferred in real time, as well as the download percentage. A tree structure on the side of the download manager enables you to view the tasks, based on their status: finished, suspended, scheduled or on-going downloads.


Bing Map Superget enables you to select any area from the world map and save it to your computer. You can view images, road schemes or state border outlines, thus, enabling you not only to study the map, but also to download or print it. The software enables you to select small areas, such as the span of a few streets, up to entire countries.

Bing Map Superget was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
Bing Map Superget - Bing Map Superget enables you to view the world map with the Bing service, and download images from the selected area.Bing Map Superget - You may zoom in or out on the map and point to a particular area, using the rectangular or the polygonal selection tools.Bing Map Superget - The software can manage multiple downloads at the same time and allows you to view the progress for each item.Bing Map Superget - screenshot #4Bing Map Superget - screenshot #5Bing Map Superget - screenshot #6Bing Map Superget - screenshot #7