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An easy to use application that enables you to watch full movies and episodes, as well as save media content from hosting websites, onto your computer

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Catch A Movie is a versatile software, capable of playing video content from various hosting websites, play local media files and convert clips and music to many formats. The software can browse video hosting websites and play full movies or the latest episodes right in its interface.

Convenient video watching experience

With Catch A Movie, you can search video hosting websites for full movies and series, then watch the available content in the software’s interface. The application enables you to watch movies in window view or full screen, as well as to record the current playing movie and save it as a FLV file, onto your computer.

You can start recording a clip during the playback, with the current window settings, but if you wish to make changes, you need to start the recording again.

The software allows you to quickly browse popular website where you can view episodes online, then select the video you wish to watch. Alternatively, you may enter a video URL and let the software find the clip, then download it onto your computer.

Local media player

Aside from online content, the software can also play several types of local videos and audio files. Also, it features a file converter, that allows you to decode media documents and save them to the desired location as other formats.

You can easily convert both audio and video files to common formats, but also create HD movies or media files that are suitable for playback on mobile devices. Thus, you may convert your videos for iPods or iPhones, for DVDs, PS3, Xbox, Zune or other media playing devices.


A user-friendly software, Catch A Movie enables you to watch your favorite movies and episodes online or offline. The software can find full movies and series online, on trusted websites, and allow you to view them in a safe environment, featuring high video quality. Moreover, Catch A Movie is capable of converting media files from one format to another and create suitable videos for mobile phones or media playing devices.

Catch A Movie was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
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