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Use this lightweight and user-friendly application to download and upload files quicker and easier to and from your DepositFiles account

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In order to use the program you need an account and you can create one online for free. The application allows you to use both Gold and Free accounts. The status of your account is displayed in the indicator button. You can also download files as a Guest user without logging in. You just need to add the file URL address to the download list.

The program provides the basic features of a download manager and allows you to create a list of files to download immediately or at a later date. The same approach can be applied for the files that you want to upload. You can pause the download if you have to disconnect from the Internet and resume it later without losing the progress.

You can download files only in certain days and in a specified time interval by using the scheduler included in the program. The scheduler can be applied to all downloads but you can also start the download immediately.

DepositFiles Filemanager can integrate in the most popular Internet browsers and detect the DepositFiles links from a webpage. If you want to upload files quicker you can choose to integrate it in the Windows interface and to add them to the upload list with just one click.

One of the benefits of the program is the multithread support that allows you to split a file in more fragments and download them simultaneously. You can customize the program to process multiple files at the same time and to use multiple threads for both downloading and uploading files.

The speed of the transfer depends on your connection bandwidth but we noticed that the upload time was significantly reduced compared to uploading the file using the Internet browser. We used a 90 MB file that was uploaded in 6 minutes using the program and splitting the file in 3 threads. Uploading the same file via browser took about 8 minutes.

If you use the DepositFiles web service frequently, this program enables you to manage a large number of transfers with ease.

DepositFiles FileManager was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on November 15th, 2014
DepositFiles FileManager - The  main window of DepositFiles FileManager allows you to view, add and manage the items in your foldersDepositFiles FileManager - From the context menu, you can obtain the download link for a particular file or set a passwordDepositFiles FileManager - Right-clicking a folder enables you to generate a link that you can share with others for downloadDepositFiles FileManager - screenshot #4DepositFiles FileManager - screenshot #5DepositFiles FileManager - screenshot #6DepositFiles FileManager - screenshot #7DepositFiles FileManager - screenshot #8

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