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DownTango is an efficient and reliable download manager that enables you to grab content from the web at a better speed than a browser or other such software is able to provide.

It goes without saying that the download speed depends, of course, on your Internet connection capabilities, but what DownTango can achieve is to accelerate the download process, even if by a few kilobytes. The difference is not noticeable in some cases, but it’s worth a shot anyway.

The content it can process varies from documents, installers, archives, to images, videos and other such resources. Featuring a simple, yet user-friendly interface, DownTango makes it extremely easy to download files.

It includes a built-in clipboard sniffer that detects the links you copy and sends them to the download manager in order to add them to the queue. However, web content can be also added to the list using the dedicated button.

Since DownTango is able to handle multiple downloads at a time (up to 100), you won’t be required to wait for one download to finish in order to add another. As a side note, the maximum number of parallel downloads can be set using the Preferences section.

Downloading files from sharing hosts can prove a challenge for other download managers, but DownTango can handle the captcha imposed by this type of services just fine. Simply add the download link and the app brings out a dialog that enables you to solve the captcha and get on with the saving process.

Last, but not least, DownTango can be integrated with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, making it possible to add links to the download queue without ever leaving the web navigator.

On an ending note, DownTango may seem simple in appearance, but there’s a witty download engine under its hood, one that supports captcha downloads.

DownTango was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 22nd, 2013
DownTango - DownTango is a handy and reliable application designed to allow you to download files at a better speed than browsers can acchieve.DownTango - You can configure the Preferences of DownTango using this window.