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A simple download manager that also provides Twofish encryption for the links that have to be shared and posted on public places





Shielding private information from being viewed or accessed by unauthorized users is possible through the use of appropriate methods and tools for encrypting the content of files or webpages posted publicly.

If someone wants for example to share with a select group of users a download link they no longer have to built a registration module and have people sign up in order to get to the files, as there is a much simple way.

Download Leecher is an application that aims to make this procedure a breeze by providing a means of encrypting on the fly download links. The person who wants to decrypt the URL address will have to request the passphrase used for ciphering the information and thus the author will know exactly to whom this information will be disclosed.

Insofar as the encrypting sequence is concerned, all one has to do is input the original link and press 'Encrypt URL' in order to have the Twofish cipher applied. They also have to come up with the key that will be used to decode that download URL and remember or store it well because that is the only way in which the encrypted string can be deciphered.

With regard to the download procedure, the person on the other end will have to paste the encoded link address in the corresponding area of Download Leecher and then type the password in order to start the download.

Optionally, it is possible to configure the connection settings from inside the program and choose the desired method from the ones available. More precisely, Download Leecher can get the files using the IE proxy, it can access the Internet directly or through a gateway, as well as through a custom proxy the user will specify in the designated box, with the connection port included.
Last updated on November 12th, 2003
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