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Quickly find nearly all types of media files on the Internet and have them downloaded in the blink of an eye with the help of this intuitive application

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Express Files is a software solution that relies on various web resources in order to find and download files following a very simple procedure. One of its strongest features is that there’s no limit to the files you can download.

Download a large variety of media files

Express Files is, by nature, a download manager, with a twist – it also sports the ability to find content on the Internet, from music and videos to e-books, wallpapers, documents and software. Also, similar to Google or YouTube, suggestions are enabled permanently, in order to simplify the searching process.

Its pleasant appearance makes it all the more simple to handle. The user interface, which can be characterized as user-friendly and well organized offers access to search ideas. These are categorized by content type and marked with key tags such as 720p, TV, Album, Emulator, Photo Edit, Books, Tutorials, to name just a few.

Easily search for desired content

Clicking on any of these tags redirects you to a list that contains all the entries from that specific category. However, this usually results in tons of items and makes it difficult to locate a certain file. The built-in search function might trigger a more selective array of entries.

As soon as you’ve identified the file you wish to grab, you can start the download process, but not after selecting the destination. You will surely notice a new window, which shows the actions and the overall transfer progress.

Clever connection method for enhanced speed

After carefully analyzing the process, we were able to tell how the application retrieves the files. It connects itself to the nearest servers that host the file in question and gets the resources from the one that provides the best speed. During our tests, downloading a file weighing 1 GB took approximately fifteen minutes, which is a decent interval for such a task.

To end with

In conclusion, Express Files is a good download manager. Improvements such as proxy support or the possibility to implement speed limits would make it even a more valuable asset. However, given its user friendly interface that lets you quickly accommodate and the lack of a web browser dependency make it a neat application overall.

Express Files was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Express Files - This is the main window of Express Files, where you can easily search for the desired files.

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