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A lightweight and easy to handle application designed to help you download SoundCloud tracks, playlists or even entire track lists

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SoundCloud Downloader is nothing more than its name states, namely a tool that can offer you assistance in downloading music from SoundCloud. Although lightweight, this application can prove useful to anyone who wants to create their own locally stored music library, containing both individual files and playlists.

The user interface is similar to the command console, but the usage is much more simple. You are presented with a menu that contains multiple actions to perform and a number assigned to each option.

As such, you can instruct the application to download a single track from SoundCloud. In this case, you are required to enter or paste the corresponding URL and specify the output directory where the grabbed file will be saved (a 'blank' answer results in the automatic selection of the folder where the SoundCloud Downloader executable is located in).

The download process begins and in a matter of seconds, the track is saved to the defined directory as an MP3 file.

Downloading a playlist or the track list of a given artist is similar, except that you will have to wait for the application to grab each included song and save it locally in MP3 format. The downloading progress for each music file is displayed within the main window.

As a console-based application, SoundCloud Downloader does not allow you to cancel an action, so a mistake in the input URL for instance, requires you to close the program and start all over again.

While it could use some improvements to make it more accessible and enhance its functionality (for instance, the possibility to open the output folder once the download is completed or support for more audio formats), SoundCloud Downloader accomplishes its task successfully, providing a way to enrich your audio collection.

SoundCloud Downloader was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 10th, 2014
SoundCloud Downloader - SoundCloud Downloader offers you a way to download all your favorite songs from SoundCloud.