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An intuitive and user-friendly application that allows users to search for online videos and download them locally within a few clicks

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Free Downloader for YouTube is a handy and reliable application that serves to download videos from online websites for offline use. Aside from being able to grab clips, the program can also extract the audio stream out of a video and save it locally.

It is fit for users in need of a simple tool that can help them export videos in order to enjoy them without an Internet connection. Although Free Downloader for YouTube is not the only choice around, it is easier to use and more user-oriented than most similar applications.

The program relies on a short installation process, which aside from deploying the files need for the application’s runtime, also places a shortcut on the desktop for quick access.

Unlike similar software, the program doesn’t ask you to provide the link to the video, but instead provides a search function that will spot your clips and download them faster.

It also helps that the search criteria is customizable; you can filter the results by popularity, relevance, rating while using a time-based approach (for instance, this week, today or all time).

Once you click one of the videos, you will be taken to a separate window, where you can also watch the clip and find attached a collection of suggestions, just like on YouTube. From here, you can download the video or audio stream, as well as to share the content on Facebook.

On-going downloads can be monitored from the dedicated dialog and stopped, while the download folder can be set using the Options button.

On an ending note, Free Downloader for YouTube comes across as a simple approach to video downloading, providing the means to search the content first and even play it outside of a browser.

Free Downloader for YouTube was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 4th, 2014
Free Downloader for YouTube - Free Downloader for YouTube allows users to download the current video on demand.Free Downloader for YouTube - Free Downloader for YouTube can also extract the audio stream from an audio file.Free Downloader for YouTubeFree Downloader for YouTubeFree Downloader for YouTube - The main window of Free Downloader for YouTube allows users to search videos.

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