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Download your favorite videos from a large variety of websites and have them converted to a format compatible with your device using this powerful utility

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Most of your favorite songs and movies are found on various websites scattered across the Internet. Some of them can be downloaded directly, but for other situations you can use applications such as Free Hulu Downloader. It gives you the possibility to get ahold of nearly any desired video from a large variety of websites.

Download and save to several formats

Putting the process in motion is done easily by copying the web page address and hitting the “Paste URL” button from the main window. This brings up a few options regarding the file that is to be created.

You are required to select a resolution, as well as choosing only to have the file downloaded or converted to several formats. These include but are not limited to AVI, WMV, MP3 and even some device specific options.

Choose from the many supported websites

The application's name is pretty modest, because accessing the options menu displays a list of sites from which media files can be fetched, and include common, Chinese and even adult.

You are able to quickly open a website by clicking it and your default browser is brought up so you can start searching for videos you want to download.

Speed rate only depends on your Internet connection, in a matter of seconds the file being saved on your hard disk drive and converted to the desired format. Unfortunately, there is no implemented function that allows you to import already existing media files to have them converted, given the wide variety of formats.

To end with

All in all, Free Hulu Downloader is a great opportunity to get ahold of video files from various websites. It comes in handy if you need clips for presentations and projects, or simply want to enjoy your favorite show while your Internet connection is not active.

Free Hulu Downloader was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
Free Hulu Downloader - Free Hulu Downloader allows users to download multiple Hulu videos at a time.