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Easily grab any image from Interfacelift

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If you're a fan of Interfacelift and you wish to download multiple images at once, without the need for browsing the website, ILift is one of the apps that could help you in this regard.

And, what's more, it does the whole thing with minimum configuration options, which makes it appropriate for all types of users, be they beginners or those with a bit more knowledge.

The interface is the one that has a major contribution to this side of the app, boasting a rather minimal look with simple options and even a preview panel to see the wallpaper you're about to download.

The main window only prompts you to provide the page numbers you wish to download, so it's highly recommended to have a look in the options menu as well to configure the other parameters.

You are thus allowed to set up the saving folder but, more importantly, ILift also lets you pick the image resolution, with multiple options at your disposal.

You can configure the aspect ratio and resolution, offering exactly the same options as the web-based version of Interfacelift. Just pick the aspect ratio you need and you're allowed to choose from a very large collection of resolutions.

Some more advanced options are also available, asking you to input the leading URL and the download type, which can be either normal or stream, but you should stay away from these unless you know exactly what you're doing. A help file is also available, but nothing too impressive, which means the amount of information is quite limited.

All things considered, ILift has been designed with a single goal in mind, while also trying to attract rookies by offering intuitive features and a limited pack of configuration options.

ILift was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 26th, 2012
ILift - This is the main window of ILift where you can specify the Interfacelift pages you are interested inILift - The Options window is the place where you can select the destination folder for the grabbed images

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