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As popular as the App Store and Google Play or even the BlackBerry World, Windows Store and Samsung Apps are, there seems to be another digital storefront serving a rather huge company that few users might have heard of it and that is the Intel AppUp center.

As its creator called it, “the world’s largest app store that nobody’s ever heard of”, Intel AppUp is nowhere near its competition in terms of available apps or download counts. Although around since 2010, this platform never succeeded in making a truly great entry on the market.

The changes at the top of this particular Intel division have also narrowed its already slim chances of pushing its way up and compete with the big boys in this specific business. The fact alone that you just may never heard of it is all the proof you need to disregard Intel AppUp as a challenger in the battle of giants.

As a side note, the latest added application we could find in Intel AppUp is more than a month old, while the other ‘new arrivals’ were as old as two, three and even four months old. It is really up to Intel whether this project will continue to unconsciously drift or just end it altogether as it clearly shows signs of severe illness within.

The bottomline is that Intel AppUp relies on the success of Intel’s AppUp center, a platform that nowadays can be categorized as dying. With very few chances of survival, it strays further and further from the spotlight and it really is a matter of time until Intel will pull the plug on the entire project.

Intel AppUp was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 5th, 2013
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