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The best way to improve the performance of your Internet connection





nternet Download Optimizer (IDO) can accelerate your downloads up to 200% with a new TCP/IP optimization logic. The wizard will determine your operating system and guide you through a number of steps to achieve better Internet performance.

Internet Download Optimizer will find your optimal MTU, MSS, buffer sizes and other settings for a given host automatically. You can also tweak the registry settings manually and restore original ones if you find any problems with them.

The distribution package includes one small binary file and a comprehensive help that describes the wizard and explains the settings that it makes in the registry. DialUp, LAN, cable and DSL adapters are supported. This version also has keep connection feature that prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP.

With Internet Download Optimizer you can get the most out of yoru Internet connection!
Last updated on July 27th, 2010
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