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A download manager written in Java that is capable of downloading multiple files at a time, with the possibility to categorize downloads

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Java Download Manager is a Java-based application whose main purpose is to provide users with a download manager capable of handling multiple links at the same time. It is also capable of scheduling downloads and to organize processed files into custom categories.

Java Download Manager relies on MySQL Server in order to function properly and requires significant efforts on the user side. It highly depends on the ability of the audience to handle MySQL and to make the necessary database configurations, as stated in the Readme file.

Due to this aspect, the program may not be fit for beginners, unless they are willing to invest a considerable amount of effort in learning how to operate MySQL. On the other hand, the actions required for the program to work should pose no problems for advanced users, whatsoever.

In terms of appearance, Java Download Manager isn’t all that impressive, but it is fairly easy to use. Most of the GUI is reserved for the downloads, while the sidebar keeps track of them in different categories such as Documents, Video, Programs, Complete or Incomplete. Custom categories can be added to list, as well.

A new download can be added to the queue using the dedicated dialog, with the possibility to schedule it to launch at a later time. Other options include pausing or resuming downloads, accessing download statistics or changing the appearance of the software.

From the Settings section, you will be able to enable notifications for completed downloads or potential errors, as well as to configure custom sound notifications for other JDM events.

To conclude, Java Download Manager does carry out the tasks, but the implications of accommodating it on the system may drive users away. A simpler installation process would definitely make it more accessible.

Java Download Manager was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Java Download Manager - From the main window of Java Download Manager, you can view the download progress of each file.Java Download Manager - Using the right-click menu, you can easily copy the download link and open the target folder.Java Download Manager - Users will be able to add a new download and create file categories from the Tasks menu of Java Download Manager.Java Download Manager - screenshot #4Java Download Manager - screenshot #5Java Download Manager - screenshot #6Java Download Manager - screenshot #7