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A nice application designed solely for the purpose of searching the Internet for your favorite Japanese comic books and downloading them to your computer

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Manga Downloader is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help users read and download their favorite manga stories.

It sports a clean and straightforward layout that gives you the possibility to set up the dedicated parameters with minimum effort.

The program allows you to perform search operations, create a list with favorite manga stories, as well as view a list with popular manga.

Thanks to its built-in reader, you are can select the chapter, go to the previous or next page, switch to a full screen mode for a better focus on your work, as well as view additional information about the selected manga, such as release date, status, author, reading style, and genre.

What’s more, Manga Downloader lets you add chapters to the queue list for downloading them, check the completed downloads, as well as open the target location directly from the primary panel.

When it comes to configuration settings, you are allowed to select the saving directory, make the program run at Windows startup, and automatically download the chapters that have been added to the queue.

During our testing we have noticed that Manga Downloader carries out a task quickly, provides good image quality, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. It doesn’t eat up a lot of CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer is not affected.

All in all, Manga Downloader offers a handy set of parameters and an intuitive layout for helping you read and download manga. It is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Manga Downloader was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on December 13th, 2014
Manga Downloader - In the main window you can search for manga or select them from a wide variety of recommended comics.Manga Downloader - The Reader section displays detailed information about the selected manga including all of its chapters.Manga Downloader - In the Results section, you can view all the results displayed according to your search input.Manga Downloader - All the selected comic books are displayed in the Queue section and you may choose to download or remove them at any time.Manga Downloader - Your finished manga downloads are displayed in the Completed section and you can remove them from the list with a single click.Manga Downloader - The Settings section can be accessed in order to set the download destination path and select the language.