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Free EOD and HIST NSE data downloader. Download NSE bhavcopies and stock data.





Use this application to download EQ, DER, RDM, WDM, CBM bhavcopies and individual stocks data. Using this application you can download EOD data as well as data for user defined historical periods. You can download and group the downloads based on year, month and alpha numeric values.

Thanks to NSE Downloader, you have the possibility to use 3 different modes. In default mode historical bhavcopies are downloaded and grouped based on year and month. Also NSE stock list is updated and data for all stocks is downloaded and grouped based on alpha numeric names. On subsequent downloads the security data is appended to already existing datas.

In archives download mode application gives user complete flexibility to decide what to download and between which intervals. In securities download mode user has the optin to enter valid NSE symbol or select from the preconfigured symbol list and than download the data for his desired period. He can also update the NSE stock list and download all of them at once.


■ Java Runtime Environment
Last updated on February 18th, 2008
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