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Netloader is a basic download manager that provides no advanced tools, trying to rely on user-friendly and intuitive features.

You shall discover that Netloader is a very simple program from the first launch, as it boasts a minimal interface, far from what you may expect from an advanced download manager.

While it provides no browser integration and no clipboard monitoring, Netloader prompts the user to manually input the download link, every time he or she attempts to start a new download.

Once you place multiple links the task list, you can process them all or only the selected files just by right-clicking on any of the displayed entries. There's no information on the selected download, such as progress, file size, speed and time remaining.

There's a configuration screen as well, but nothing to worry about, as it provides a limited amount of options. The good thing is that it allows proxy servers, so you're allowed to configure name, password and userID, with a few other general settings to show status, open file and open folder dialog.

In addition, the program enables you to pick the link types to accept, which can be JPG, GIF, HTM, ZIP, RAR and many other formats.

As you can see, Netloader isn't too complicated, so everything should work like a breeze, without the need for a help file to assist you throughout the whole process.

While it works just fine on both Windows XP and Vista, we've experienced some compatibility problems on Windows 7, as the program refuses to launch and returns an unknown error every time.

Overall, this is one of the simplest download managers on the market, and although it's addressed to rookies, there are simply too many missing features to become your every day program.

Netloader was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 26th, 2012
Netloader - The main window of the NetLoader software where you can enter the URL and select the directory where you want to download the files.Netloader - The FTP Settings window is where you can modify the Proxy settings and the General settings.

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