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Easily schedule downloads and have the process automated from links provided by the suggested website with the help of this application

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RapidShare’s popularity as a service got developers to start rolling out all sort of tools to assist the end user in handling links and downloads in an easier and more comfortable way. Rapidshare Auto Downloader was designed with that exact concept in mind and is aimed at automatically downloading multiple RapiShare links.

Lightweight and easy to use

After an ultra-fast installation, you can run the downloader. The interface is quite simple and organized, providing access to all of the program’s functions via several panels that hold the download links, the completed ones and a detailed report of each download.

Configure multiple download links

The most obvious advantage of the software is that it can download multiple links; the downside is that it downloads them one by one and not simultaneously. The download list can be saved and loaded at a later time.

Other features include an auto shutdown option, a short or long wait period of time for downloads, the possibility to ignore the links with a "more than 200 MB files" message, as well as options to re-download any of the links.

Easily schedule download processes

Rapidshare Auto Downloader’s preferences allow you to integrate antivirus scans and to configure the sound and balloon notifications for various download scenarios.

Additionally, the application gives you the possibility to schedule downloads by specifying a start and end time, which cleverly blends with the auto shutdown options. Moreover, You can choose to have an external application launched during long waits, to help pass the time.

In conclusion

To sum up, Rapidshare Auto Downloader is speedy and asks for very little system resources. If you’re a Rapidshare fan and you use their services on a daily basis, this utility can save you the effort of manually handling download links.

Rapidshare Auto Downloader was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on July 9th, 2014
Rapidshare Auto Downloader - This is the main window of Rapidshare Auto Downloader where you can add the source URLsRapidshare Auto Downloader - This tab will enable you to monitor the downloading process for each threadRapidshare Auto Downloader - You can access this tab when you want to change the default destination folderRapidshare Auto Downloader - This is the way Rapidshare Auto Downloader will allow you to use a proxy server for your Internet connectionRapidshare Auto Downloader - This section will enable you to scan the downloaded files with your local antivirusRapidshare Auto Downloader - Rapidshare Auto Downloader will offer you the possibility to play sounds when a download task has ended

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