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SBNews/Newsbot is an award-winning tool designed to automatically download and decode files from binary newsgroups.

SBNews is an incredible time saver, as its fully automatic operation allows it to run unattended overnight, downloading thousands (or tens of thousands) of images or other files from the alt.binaries newsgroups. SBNews isn't just limited to automatic downloading; you can manually select which files you wish to download as well.SBNews has many features that make it unique and one of the most important ones is that it has advanced methods to lockout and reject unwanted articles.

The newsgroups are filled with off-topic advertisements these days and SBNews is an excellent tool to avoid wasting your time downloading junk. There are also extensive duplicate elimination features to avoid downloading the same thing multiple times.

SBNews includes a full-featured JPEG/GIF/BMP viewer, as well as thumbnail viewers which show the image download in progress. There are extensive statistical functions to help you keep tabs on what's going on. File Encryption is built in to automatically encrypt sensitive data when it's stored on your hard drive.

Although SBNews is intended to automatic and unattended download, manual selection features are present to allow you to manually decide which articles to download. Keyword specification is supported to allow you to further limit downloading to only articles which have a specific keyword field in the subject or author fields.

Here are some key features of "SBNews/Newsbot":

■ Automatic or manual operation
■ Downloads movies, pictures, archives, music, and more!
■ Built in sophisticated spam filters
■ Support yEnc, uudecode, base64, and mime
■ Built-in support for secure SSL usenet access


■ time delay in startup
Last updated on June 4th, 2008
SBNews/Newsbot - The main window of SBNews/Newsbot allows users to view their current group and newsgroup.SBNews/Newsbot - The File menu of SBNews/Newsbot allows users to jump to a specifc newsgroup or to disconnect from the server.SBNews/Newsbot - The Configure menu of SBNews/Newsbot allows users to configurwe the host name or the ownload path.SBNews/Newsbot - The Statistics menu of SBNews/Newsbot allows users to view all the recieved files or the latency.SBNews/Newsbot - The Save Information to disk window of SBNews/Newsbot allows users to check or uncheck different saving options.