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A simple and intuitive application whose main purpose is to assist you in downloading your favorite videos from YouTube in just a few moves

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SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter is a lightweight and efficient piece of software that was developed to help you save YouTube videos to your computer, so you can watch them whenever you want, without being restricted by your access to an Internet connection or having to sit through pesky ads.

User-friendly interface

The program is very simple to understand and work with, requiring only minimal levels of experience with similar software.

It features a straight-forward and easy to handle interface, that enables you to grab your favorite movies from YouTube with just a copy / paste action, thus saving you significant amounts of effort and time, the duration depending almost entirely on your Internet speed.

Copy, paste and download

SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter does not offer that many customizable output preferences, the only things that you can modify being the save location for your videos, as it allows you to output the files in any folder on your computer. Additionally, you can choose a 'Quality', by selecting between 'Best Quality', 'Optimal Parameters' or 'Minimal Size', depending on your needs.

The application supports multiple processes at the same time, meaning you can successfully grab numerous videos simultaneously. Also, it features 'Pause / Resume' functions, which enable you to prioritize your downloads, allowing the more important ones to carry on, while temporarily stopping others.

Optionally, SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter can run minimized in the notification area, so in the case of longer download processes, you can leave it to do its task, while you can carry on with your own activities, without any problem or interference from the utility. When completing a task, the tool will display a popup balloon in the system tray, letting you know which file has been grabbed.

Simple yet efficient program

To conclude, SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter is a handy and easy to work with application that can assist you in saving countless YouTube movies to your computer, in just a few clicks.

SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 22nd, 2014
SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter - In the main window of SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter, you can paste the URL address for the video you want to grabSDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter - The context menu options allows you to play a file using your default media playerSDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter - The Quality menu of the application enables you to select the preferred output preferencesSDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter - screenshot #4SDR Free Youtube to MP4 Converter - screenshot #5