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Listen to your favorite tracks with this intuitive music player that allows you to download content from YouTube and search for songs by lyrics

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Songr is designed to aid users in streaming cloud music files. The application receives results from multiple MP3 search engines.

Insert lyrics, receive songs!

Users can browse songs or search for specific content. A nice feature is the ability to query engines by lyrics.

Everyone has a had a moment in their life when they remember partial lyrics, but not the name of the song itself. Songr fixes this age-old problem!

With built-in song libraries, there is always the risk of not finding the desired content. Although this will rarely happen, since there are literally thousands of tracks to browse through, the application solves this by allowing users to download files from YouTube.

Not only is this a great feature for playing less common content (for example, a local DJ's remix), but the software can also rip audio from video. Files are saved in either MPG or MP3 format. The “Download from YouTube” function is really powerful!

The built-in player opens songs in the background, allowing users to further browse the library. This means users can search for other tracks without being separated from their favorite band.

A great interface, rich with information on bands

The application comes with a very clean interface, complete with clear and large thumbnails for every song category. Music is sorted according to its genre, which can save a lot of time.

Songr records tracks recently listened to by users. As such, they can create an archive of their favorite music, streamlined for easy access. Detailed band descriptions are displayed (a great way to keep track of new melodies).

A great resource for cloud music streaming

All in all, this intuitive utility is good for anyone that needs a cloud track player. The “Search by lyrics” feature is a really nice touch, which can help a lot in digging out partially forgotten songs.

Songr was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on September 11th, 2015
Songr - Songr is a cloud music player that allows users to browse and listen to their favorite tracksSongr - The application features a built-in function to download content from YouTubeSongr - Users can find songs by entering parts of the track lyrics in the Search by lyrics menuSongr - screenshot #4Songr - screenshot #5Songr - screenshot #6Songr - screenshot #7

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