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An easy to use and lightweight application that enables you to easily download music content from Soundlcloud onto your computer

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Soundcloud Link Generator is a simple to use application, capable of downloading songs from Soundcloud. You need only insert the correct Internet address into the dedicated field and let the software save the song onto your computer.

Generate download links

Soundcloud is a reliable website that offers you the possibility to listen to numerous songs, compilations or remixes. Soundcloud Link Generator allows you to transform certain links into addresses that download content onto your computer.

The download links are automatically sent to clipboard, meaning you need to simply paste them into the address bar, in the browser, then save the audio file to your computer. Additionally, you may play the tune within the browser before downloading it.

Saving audio content onto your computer

Soundcloud Link Generator is also capable of downloading songs from direct links. Paste the specific Internet address into the application and watch as it extracts the data from the indicated location and saves it onto your computer. You can monitor the progress of the download with the help of the percentage bar.

The software saves the songs to the Windows Music library folder, as high quality MP3s and automatically renames them in order to include the name of the artist and the title of the tune. Additionally, you may view a list of all the songs downloaded in one session, within the interface of Soundcloud Link Generator.

User-friendly application

The software is lightweight and features a small, neat looking interface, that enables you to monitor the progress of file download. It also displays the titles of the songs you have downloaded in one session.


With Soundcloud Link Generator, you can download all your favorite songs or compilations available on the website, without compromising their audio quality. You can easily transfer the files onto your computer and enjoy them in an offline environment, right from the desktop, in your favorite media player.

Soundcloud Link Generator was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 2nd, 2014
Soundcloud Link Generator - Soundcloud Link Generator is a useful application that can create download sources for Soundcloud music content.Soundcloud Link Generator - You can enter a specific Internet address and allow the software to create a download link based on the initial address.Soundcloud Link Generator - The software acts as a download manager, meaning that it can save music content from Soundcloud onto your computer.Soundcloud Link Generator - screenshot #4

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